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The TreatWrite Enterprise version is designed to for larger organizations billing greater than 900 patient visits per month. Enterprise pricing is customized for each setting.

Larger organizations significantly benefit from TreatWrite’s documentation because it coordinates logically with the clinical thought processes used by allied health professionals to complete their work.  TreatWrite’s documentation content complies with CMS Part B Medicare requirements for benchmark progress tracking on every report. 

A single click transfers specified CPT, ICD, and G code information from treatment notes to a billing summary. This creates a fast, reliable, and accurate coordination of the documentation to billing process. TreatWrite’s API allows documentation and billing interface to your EMR that creates a unified system.

Time is money, and TreatWrite helps your organization work efficiently.

• TreatWrite is designed to mirror allied health clinical workflow processes.

• All information transfers from report to report and note-to-note to eliminate re-writing.  This saves data entry time and improves Care Plan consistency. 

• Customizable report templates contain frequently used information for any patient population saving data input time. 

• The Document Manager makes finding notes and reports as simple as clicking on a file from a patient list.

• The Clinical Progress Tracker eliminates excessive narration by outlining patient strengths and weakness by function, and by function severity.

• A single click on 'Bill Now' at the completion of each daily treatment note sends billing information directly to the daily billing summary. This eliminates additional paperwork and insures documentation to billing consistency. 

Contact TreatWrite to learn how progress tracking towards clinical outcomes will help you:

• comply with government regulations

• eliminate audit review concerns

• demonstrate the worth of your services to patients, physicians, and payers 

• increase documentation efficiency

• make your allied health staff very happy!